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Been to Chipotle Lately, Better Check your Credit Card

If you ate at Chipotle between March 24 and April 18, you might want to check your credit card statement.  They were hacked and payment information from over 2,200 restaurants was taken.

Reuters has a full article on the hack:

I Have a FAST Desktop for Sale–$275

imageIf your current desktop is about to die or you need a good second one – I have one for you.  This is a used Dell Inspiron 570 that I’ve gone through and updated (it’s faster now than the day it left the factory) for $275.

It has a 2.9GHz dual core processor, 8GB of memory and a 275GB solid state hard drive.  It has 6 USB 2.0 ports and 4 USB 3.0 ports and it also has wi-fi so you don’t need to be next to your router.  It has the latest version of Windows 10, included Microsoft Office 2010 and is already configured with Google Chrome, Adobe Reader.  It’s ready to go.  Did I mention it’s very fast?  It boots to the desktop in about 10 seconds!  The memory, solid state hard drive, wi-fi and USB 3.0 ports are all brand new items I’ve upgraded it with.  I’ll also warranty it for 90 days for you.

Contact me if you’re interested!  The last time I sold a computer I had 3 calls the next morning, so don’t wait too long if you’re interested.  If you need a monitor I’ve got one I can add for another $25.


My Advice Hasn’t Changed with the Cyberattacks

With all the brouhaha over the cyberattacks going on all over the world, my advice in not getting infected with ransomware is the same advice I’ve been giving from the beginning.  Don’t CLICK on a link in nor OPEN an attachment in an email unless you know who it’s from AND you’re expecting it.  I can’t emphasize that last part enough.  It is someone you know who was infected that the email will come from, and if you think it’s ok because it came from someone you know and you open the attachment, then it’s game over.image

You need a backup of your data that can’t be compromised by ransomware, that’s why I recommend Carbonite.  For $59 a year your data is securely stored where even a virus can’t damage it.  I’ve had a client get infected with Ransomware and rather that pay the $1,500 ransom, we got all the data back from Carbonite.  You can get Carbonite directly from them, or for the same price I will set up it for you and make sure the subtle settings are all correct for you so nothing gets missed.

Carbonite also protects you not just from hard drive crashes but also theft and fire – it’s cheap insurance, so contact me ( and let me get you set up and fully protected from the day you accidentally make that click.

May the Fourth be With You!


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